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Fiber Mountain + FMU

Fiber Mountain is redefining the physical layer with innovations in both hardware and software.    FMU is a one stop platform to learn about how these innovations are changing the physical layer.  Whether you’re just starting your journey with the physical layer or are a seasoned professional, FMU's got you covered on all aspects of physical layer.

Meet the FMU Team!

FMU Senior Instructor, RCDD

Kelly DiLello

Kelly DiLello is the Training Director at USIS Electric, Inc. He coordinates and develops training programs for Electrical, Information and Communications Technology Systems (ICT). He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and is an OSHA Outreach Trainer, NCCER Master Trainer and a BICSI Certified Instructor. He enjoys working with students in teaching them not only the knowledge of the trades but the important traits needed to be a successful tradesman.

FMU Program Manager

Aiman Wajahat

Aiman Wajahat is the program manager at Fiber Mountain University. She loves her role here and is responsible for management, co-ordination and delivery of FMU courses. Her goal is to enhance student experience at FMU by delivering a cohesive platform that encourages learning and exploring new ideas.

FMU Instructor

Stephanie Pats

Stephanie Pats loves her role as technical trainer at Fiber Mountain. When she's not teaching physical layer, she's teaching her daughter engineering basics.

FMU Instructor & MarCom Lead

Waqas Khalil

Waqas Khalil is part of the technical marketing and user experience team at Fiber Mountain. He has diverse experience in running technical training programs and enjoys his role as a technical trainer at FMU. Previously, he has delivered trainings on iOS development, OpenStack deployments and setting up SDN based solutions for enterprises. Waqas has a keen eye for a user first approach across products and aims to translate that to his students at FMU. He is an avid gamer, a Real Madrid follower and enjoys running and hiking.

FMU Instructor

Erin Ray

Erin Ray wears many hats at Fiber Mountain.  When she is not reviewing and recording courses for Fiber Mountain University, she also functions as Inside Sales, Marketing and Administration (a.k.a. herding cats at Fiber Mountain).  In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family and hiking with her dog Maggie.

FMU MarCom Manager

Maryam Nizakat

Maryam Nizakat is part of the Fiber Mountain's MarCom team. Her role at FMU is around creation and development of core communication assets that tie in with the vision of FMU at delivering a structured, comprehensive student experience.


  • Where can I ask questions about my certification?

    The best place to ask questions about your certification content is to go the discussion board that appears on the top right screen of your course player. For other queries you can reach out to FMU support at

  • How can I reset my FM University password?

    To reset your password navigate to “My Account” and click on “Password.” You can easily update your password here.

  • Within what duration am I supposed to complete the course after signing up?

    Once a student enrolls in a course it is avalible for 365 days. If for some reason you need an extension, drop a line at

  • Where do I find my invoices and payment details?

    Upon making a payment, an email with your invoice information is sent to your account. You can also view your invoices and receipts within your FM University account in the “Billing” and “Order History” sections.