Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Hello & Welcome to FMU 302

    • Meet the Instructors

    • Let's Begin!

  • 2

    FMU 302.M1: APD Vision​ Installation Overview

    • What is AllPath Director

    • Learning Checkpoint One

  • 3

    FMU 302.M2: APD Vision ​Installation Workflow

    • Installation Steps

    • Set System Clock

    • Network Configuration

    • Take a Break :)

    • Learning Checkpoint Two

    • Certificates

    • User Authentication

    • Believe it or not!

    • User Authorization

    • Final Steps

    • Did You Know?

    • Learning Checkpoint Three

  • 4

    FMU 302.M3: Initial Steps with APD

    • Initial Steps with APD

    • Postman Collection for Vision

    • APD Vision with CAC Auth - Demo

    • Take a break!

    • APD Vision with LDAP Auth - Demo

    • Learning Checkpoint Four

  • 5

    Let's Do This!

    • Assignment One

  • 6

    FMU 302.M4: Backup & Restore

    • Backup & Restore

    • System Restore

    • Learning Checkpoint Five

  • 7

    Test Yourself!

    • Assignment Two

  • 8

    FMU 302.M5: Updating APD Build

    • Updating APD Build

    • Learning Checkpoint Six

  • 9

    FMU 302.M6: Troubleshooting

    • Troubleshooting

    • Believe it or not!

    • Learning Checkpoint Seven

  • 10

    Next Steps

    • Congrats! Here's What's Next

    • End of Course Evaluation

    • Course Survey - Let's Hear From You...

    • Continue Learning

Why Take The Course?

  • Setup your own APD

    Learn how you can setup your own APD environment to monitor and manage your L1 network in real time. Learn about the prerequisites for a successful installation, different installation options and configuration options once the APD is installed.

  • Interactive Training

    Get ready to deep dive with bespoke modules, demo videos and advice from industry experts. Equip yourself with real installation demos and detailed interactive walkthroughs of the entire installation process.

  • Professional Learning Path

    Validate your skills of APD Installation by earning a completion certificate. This course is also part of Fiber Mountain's Associate certification track.

Course Takeaways

  • Learn how to easily install and configure an APD Vision setup for your network environment.

  • Understand the prerequisites for a successful installation and the different customization options.

  • Crank up your professional learning and complete another step to become a certified FM Associate.